The Ambientia Cinematic Soundscapes ReFill features lush textures and beautiful pads for creating incredibly atmospheric music.  There are also a good selection of leads and melodies, layered and rhythmic synths, as well as effects which work harmoniously to create stunning etherial sounds.

With over 1,390 patches and samples covering Reason's standard instruments and effects, this ReFill is sure to inspire your musical creativity. 

The cost of this incredible ReFill and the license to use the contents for all your music projects ROYALTY FREE is only $20 USD

This ReFill contains...

• 328 Combinators
• 44 Effects Patches
• 83 Europa Patches
• 65 Europa “User Wave” Samples
• 163 Grain Patches
• 163 Grain Samples
• 27 Humana Patches
• 10 Klang Patches
• 126 Malstrom Patches
• 52 Monotone Bass Patches
• 3 NN19 Patches
• 20 NNXT Patches
• 8 Pangea Patches
• 31 Radical Piano Patches
• 45 Rostnomo Random Synthesizer Patches
• 101 Subtractor Patches
• 125 Thor Patches

Also included are 200+ looped samples / user waves for Grain and Europa. These can also be used as standard audio files in Reason's sequencer. The .zip download also includes a separate folder containing 150+ samples (beds, drones & pads) in 16bit 44 kHz stereo .WAV format. 

We have also included the “Ambientia Cinematic Soundscapes Reference Guide” which features links to FREE Reason and third-party instruments, VST effects, and over 400+ custom wavetables. 

Minimum System Requirements
Mac OS X 10.11 or later (64-bit)
Windows 7 or later (64-bit)
Reason Standard/Suite 11 (or higher), or Reason+


The Ambientia Cinematic Soundscapes Sample Pack is a completely FREE DOWNLOAD. Here you will find 60 patches to explore and play with. You are at liberty to use the patches in your tracks and songs ROYALTY FREE. 



The purchase of this ReFill includes FREE LIFETIME UPDATES. Every so often we will add new instruments, effects, samples, etc. to our products. By visiting our site, and looking at our product pages, you will see at the top of the page which version is most current. Simply use the link sent to you previously by email and you will be able to download the latest version of the ReFill. It’s that easy!

Customer Reviews

"I am very pleased with the refill... it sounds great! I tried the sampler and was impressed... so getting the full version was, as they say, "a no-brainer." Lots of great out-of-the-box Combinators and Thors. I can use them or tweak them easily... I like to use the Combinator engine with FX from a sound designer and then swap our elements (such as with other NN-XT samples or a Thor or Malstrom creation of my own) to create new sounds. Everything you have done makes it easy to do both.”  - Bill Mazur

 "Got the refill! Thanks for the speedy reply... I 'm really impressed with your programming! Please get me on your mailing list for any new refills that you may have brewing! Glad to have found your site.”  - Colin Chin

"This Refill is great, you have put together some great sounds ... Very good for those of us with little talent for sound design.”  - Timothy Rylatt

"Your Refill is very cool, especially the rhythm type patches.”  - Don Longton 

"Just bought the Friktion and Ambientia refills. both are right down amazing. Lots of inspiration and useful patches. Thank you for making them.”  - Wayne Parker


Version 1.0

Ambient Cinematic Explorations...