The Ambientia Ethereal Dreamscapes ReFill contains over 900 patches and samples for the Mimic and Grain samplers in Reason 12+ / Reason+. Included are patches, combinators, and seamless looping audio files. 

Also included are Ableton Live and Bitwig sampler project files. You can then simply open each DAW's project file, and drag any of the looping .WAV samples onto the sampler instrument within these files.

This ReFill contains...

•   150 Mimic Creative Sampler Combinators
•   70 Mimic Creative Sampler patches
•   62 Mimic Creative Sampler “Bed” patches
•   19 Mimic Creative Sampler “Drone" patches

•   72 Loop Samples (44kHz 16bit .WAV format)
•   60 “Bed” Loop Samples (44kHz 16bit .WAV format)
•   19 “Drone" Loop Samples (44kHz 16bit .WAV format)
•   63 “Compound” Loop Samples (48kHz 24bit .WAV format)

•   70 Grain patches
•   50 Grain Combinator patches
•   60 Grain “Bed” patches
•   63 Grain “Compound Loops” patches
•   19 Grain “Drone” patches
•   20 Rostnomo Random Synthesizer Combinator patches

The use of this product includes the unlimited license to use the contents in all of your music projects, ROYALTY FREE. 


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The Ambientia Ethereal Dreamscapes ReFill is a 500 mb download and is COMPLETELY FREE !