Welcome to Sound Dimension...

At Sound Dimension, our main mission is to create sound design elements which people can download and use immediately, with as few hassles as possible. Call us old school, but we’re tired of the way most sound sites treat their customers. So we like doing things very differently…

All of our FREE Content is Direct Download… which means the following:

- No forcing you to wade through 5 screens of "YOU MIGHT WANT TO BUY THIS PRODUCT” when all you want is to do is get to downloading the free content.
- No Twitter, Instagram, YouTube “Follow Me for FREE stuff” nonsense.
- No sending you off to some third-party web site to go through the hassle of entering your email just to get sent a link to download your free content.

ALL of our paid sound products feature FREE sample packs (with generous amounts of content). Just click the "Direct Download" link for any free content item on our site and your download will begin immediately!

As for paid products, while an email account is necessary to be able to deliver your product to you, we will never use MailChimp (or the like) to spam your inbox with endless annoying product offers after purchasing sound content from us - EVER! 

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If you like our products, we’re sure that you know where to find us if you want to come back for more great content, both free and paid. We also pride ourselves on offering FREE Lifetime Updates on all of our paid products and content. 


In 1995, intermedia Design Graphics was formed as a web/graphic/multimedia design company. In 1998, the company expanded its services to include sound and music production under the Sound Dimension name.

Continuing this trend, we integrated our sound production with graphic media creation and launched digitalStock Media in an effort to amalgamate media resources and provide a wider range of products and services. These included audio development, stock photography, and presentation graphics.

We are now pleased to announce that going forward we have decided to maintain and grow the Sound Dimension brand as a separate entity - wholy devoted to sound and audio production.


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"These loops are high quality, diverse, and have really helped us to add impact to our flash productions. Keep these gems coming, they make a huge difference. And talk about getting a bang for the buck!!!

John Say
Say Design

"The special effects(sounds) were easy to find and to download. I found sounds for use on my website... that I had been looking for for weeks. A resource like no other!"

Michael Sorrenti


"Sound Dimension is really the place to go to if you want great sounding music for your site. I was looking all over the net for a decent music loop to compliment my flash intro and I couldn`t find anything suitable until I stumbled upon their site. It has an absolutely comprehensive collection of music loops. Well done! Keep up the good work!"

Dan Flare

Media Designer