The String Theory Sound Pack is a collection of stringed instruments including, basses, cellos, violas, violins... and a whole lot more. From classical tones to cinematic pads and textures, this ReFill has it all. There are 130+ patches including a variety of instruments and effects. This ReFill contains...


•   Strings 20
•   Strings & Things: 
     - Reason Standard  7
     - Reason Suite/Reason+  8


•   Bass 16
•   Cellos 12 
•   Cinematic 9
•   Plucks 9
•   Various 2
•   Violas 10 
•   Violins 12


•   Quartet 8
•   Sweeper 7
•   The Echo 11  

Also included is the “String Theory Reference Guide” which features links to FREE Reason and third-party instruments, VST effects, and over 400+ custom wavetables. 


Download the FREE Sample Pack… 

The String Theory Sample Pack is a completely FREE DOWNLOAD. Here you will find 8 patches to explore and play with. You can use these patches in your tracks and songs ROYALTY FREE.